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Ok, finally tried ver 1.07 demo on Cubase 10.03 Nd Cubase 9.55 (latest for both). Mostly very good news IMHO. The action is a big highlight for sure. So is the warm, slightly fatter bottom end (but not at the loss of low end definition). I do like keeping the input up at the default level or a little higher and then changing the threshold to get the right amount of compression. I’m guessing it’s because the added drive is giving more saturation. It’s super smooth saturation though.

I COULD NOT get it to crash on Mac Sierra like earlier versions were reported to do when turning the output screw. Good news.

As far as DSP usage it’s much more efficient on Cubase 9.55 for some reason by quite a bit. On Cubase 10.03 using one instance eats up 10% on my MacPro 12 core. Adding 4 more instances though only eats up a total of 8% more. The first instance is a big chunk oh a high track count project. Hopefully further optimizations will be in the works.

Does anyone know if the knee changes as you turn the threshold knob clockwise?

Great compressor!
1.07 does sound different. More saturated. Was this in a change log I missed?