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Not 100% sure I follow you, but for myself, I'm recording my mix back into my Pro Tools session (I use an analog board with an A to D). Then I'm Bouncing that file down as the Mix File for a Mastering Session. It's the Control K combination bounce so that the actual file is saved, not a traditional real time bounce in this case.

Not sure if that's the best method on my part either, but just adding some context into what people do.
To clarify: the command-shift-K (which i think is what you meant, or maybe it's a mac vs pc nomenclature thing) is export, not bounce. That's an important distinction because a bounce asks the DAW to crunch a whole lot more numbers as it processes and sums a bunch of audio streams, whereas export is basically like telling Finder to copy-and-paste the selected file (or, very importantly with regards to making the distinction v. bouncing, files) in your DAW.