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Anyone using this on channels/tracks? I only use it on the mixbus.
Same. MDE on Mix buss only... not necessarily intentionally, though.

Brighton, AR-1, smart:comp, Kotelnikov, Softube TLA-100 and CL1B, occasionally Waves dbx160 and until recently, RVox, RComp, CLA2a and CLA76 on tracks and busses. Using the Waves stuff less in the last 6 months as I’m really liking the new offerings a lot more. I usually track through a collection of good hardware comps, so I’m usually in pretty good shape before mix.

I did try MDE on some tracks and busses and it was perfectly fine... but just kissing the 2-buss seems what it was built for and it’s great in that slot.

Don’t forget it on bass, though. I’m not doing anything too aggressive, but it was really good on my J-Bass in parallel in a couple of tracks.