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I think Intel has better latency performance.
However, so far so good for now @Ryzen TR 2970WX/ASRock X399 Taichi.
It stable just like i7 6700K desktop and i7 8809G NUC of other myown.

I don't think there is any difference in 32in32out.
Perhaps differences may appear when increase channels and reduce latency.
Thanks I am thinking of building a new machine. I went to Merging's site at the top of the list is a Gigabyte MB with I7 6700 quad core processor. For years I have been a AMD guy I always felt at the time you get more for your money. Are you saying you use an Anubis with a Ryzen?

I have a video computer that uses a AMD fx 8core processor I find it to be sluggish with video processing.

I'm interested in Ryzen. So I will do some digging.