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For 99.4% of situations the sound of the HD24XR converters are equal to my Apogee X. Mostly I do rock music but also record a few opera singers and some pipe organs. I think the Apogee converters are really neutral and good sounding. Same for the HD24XR converters.

I always clock the HD24XR(s) with Big Ben, that way I'm using the exact same clock throughout the project and everything is running on it. I've read that the HD24 machines are off frequency a bit, I don't know because I've always used Big Ben. We've overdubbed and added tracks after live shows and had no tuning problems (and I'm a stickler for bad tuning and pitch problems).
Then the HD24XR still is a very good AD converter
for low value ?

Also in "monitor" setup for get converted audio signal
from digital outs without use hard drives ?

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The HD24XR is one of my favorite recording tools. I use a Motu 2408 to transfer all three Adat lightpipes simultaneously in real time. It works for me
That option of the 2408 is one of best ever made .