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Stuart, I think no one said that (equilateral) triangle is formed with 2 speakers and the ears. If we want to be picky, 2 speakers and 2 ears don't form a triangle

(Equilateral) triangle is just a geometric form helping positioning the listening point into the triangle into the room.
... Case in point.

It is also a reference point for mixing: a de facto standard in studios that allows the mixes to translate and be reproductible with their artistic intent outside the studio.

It is a compromise. All speaker setups are a form of compromise. The typical +30°/-30° equilateral setup for stereo happens to be considered and experienced as the best compromise. Statistically, a narrower setup means the width suffers, a wider setup and the phantom center suffers.

See AES, EBU and ITU recommendations on screenshot.

There can be deviations, again mostly due to a specific context, or simply tastes.

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I never saw a polar plot from ATC.
Some public info on ATC mid domes. Which is a fantastic piece of engineering. Their new dual suspension tweeter is also pretty phenomenal.

All wide dispersion.
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