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I thought "porous absorption on the wall between the speakers" is pretty self explanatory. Normally I intentionally try to keep some distance between my work in the real world, and the circus that is gearslutz. I'll make an exception here this time. My best rooms are all flush mounted, but here's a room I designed for a client in Sydney Australia which uses the approach I suggested to produce great results within the budget and circumstances. This is a freestanding structure within the room, comprised of modules which are easily separated to move with the client when needed. Note that the speakers weren't in their final intended position in this photo. They should be a couple inches closer to the center panel. Best to leave as little space possible between speaker and center panel.
Ok, thanks! I cannot judge how much it works as to absorb the mid range (with speakers more to the center) but if you believe it or say so, let it be. Nice looks!