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I am not sure if this is what you mean:

I use the UAD Console app for monitoring any live input channels. This is the lowest latency way of hearing the mics. If you need multiple mixes you can even make sends in the Console that go to the different headphone outs and I believe lines 7 and 8.

In Pro Tools, I use a free plug-in called MuteTone. It sits on any track that is currently being recorded. At the instant that that track goes into record, MuteTone mutes the Pro Tools side of the live track. It is basically "fools" Pro Tools into thinking there is a control surface attached and someone just muted that channel.

If it did not mute, I would hear an echo, because the Console is much less latent than Pro Tools and the computer. .

Mutetone becomes very useful when you are punching in. You want to hear the PT track in playback right up to the punch, but then you want it instantly muted so you are only listening to the Console on those live channels. I no longer need 4 hands.

The plug is a little fussy, if I drag the plug to move or copy it to another track, it crashes the DAW. I have to carefully un-insert it and reinsert it every time.

You also have to always remember to remove it or bypass it before you bounce, because it considers bouncing to be "recording". That means the track that has Mutetone on it - likely the track you just recorded, would get muted. Extremely frustrating when get home and find out that tonight's takes are the very things missing from the reference.

But in any case, I am not listening to my live mics "through" Pro Tools, and I don't have to grab the fader and pull it down when punching. The Console is faster than Pro Tools at even the lowest buffer setting.