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Originally Posted by Synthpark View Post
haha, first deny any context and then to repeat exactly the same again referring to some general "acoustic treatment". You just blurr and mystify the subject.
Do you have an RFZ that you've created without using acoustic treatment? No? Great.. moving on.

I make it easier for you: Your *treated* room (and mine) will suffer in the same way from front wall coloration in the mids as any untreated room, if this is an issue for the selected type of speakers.
lol.. what? If the front wall is absorbent at the frequencies in question, then the coloration does not exist. That's the point! You'll only continue to confuse yourself if you ignore the relevant details here.

This is a principle in physics: you have a source of a problem, and if all other factors are solved, this source remains to be a problem.
Ok we're back on the obvious I see..

In this case our problem is the interference from the front wall, so we use broadband absorption to deal with it. And we place the speakers close to the wall in order to avoid creating more difficult problems in the range of frequencies where our porous absorption is least effective.

There we go.. problems all solved!

Should be a pretty straightforward concept here.. but I have a feeling you've got just the rebuttal in store