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I don't know who you are even talking to right now, as nothing you just said addresses any of my statements, least of all the one you quoted.
Yes, he believes "in general". How many of his readers are in poorly or entirely untreated rooms? Most of them. As I said before, the design of the room and its acoustic treatment can make that statement completely invalid. And if we're talking about an artificially created soundstage which isn't in the recording and is caused by the room, that's the last thing we want in a studio environment.

In any room I design, my clients expect an excellent LF response *in addition to* excellent stereo imaging. If you can't produce both then you don't know what you're doing.
haha, first deny any context and then to repeat exactly the same again referring to some general "acoustic treatment". You just blurr and mystify the subject.

I make it easier for you: Your *treated* room (and mine) will suffer in the same way from front wall coloration in the mids as any untreated room, if this is an issue for the selected type of speakers. This is a principle in physics: you have a source of a problem, and if all other factors are solved, this source remains to be a problem. If this isn't clear to you then I dont know how you want to treat any room at all.