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I like the fact that you and others are happy to read posts about all types of music. Yet, there are folks that are sending the wrong message either by creating a report or by telling them to leave the forum within their thread discussion. This is actively derailing my original mindset and dynamic for this wonderful forum.

Just the other day, someone posted a thread about, "Advice for recording a live classical concert with PA," and someone reported the thread, stating that it's in the wrong forum! IT IS NOT IN THE WRONG FORUM for that subject discussion!

I hate the fact that so many of my friends and associates rarely frequent this forum due to the fact that they believe this does not represent them any longer.

Originally Posted by mrufino1 View Post
I'm also very happy to read posts on all types of music, where I do sound we have events of all types. I find it just as thrilling to get a great recording of our 9 ft Steinway and an opera singer as I do getting a cool electric guitar sound on a more rock oriented event, or most fun when I get to mic and record a string quartet acting with a jazz combo incorporating electric and acoustic instruments (with the same 9 ft Steinway requiring a totally different approach than for the opera soloist).

I encourage people who are not recording amplified music to stick around, I enjoy learning from your topics, and really, as I'm only using a DI on bass (and not always), I'm still recording the air around the source, so it all ties together.

I just know that I live and love to capture moments in time and hear them back.