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Maybe, yeah. Providing you have access to large amounts of the same materials, so that you can do reliable tests. Problem with an individual builder is that you order some woods and make a few guitars, and then order more woods some months later, and it's different wood offering different affects.

Large manufacturers like Gibson and Fender go to great lengths to standardize production as much as they can, and they have the advantage of obtaining huge runs of the same kinds of woods from the same sources. But guitars are really very different. Go to GC and play ten Les Pauls. They will sound, feel and resonate differently from one another. Same with Strats or Teles. you have to play a lot of them, and pick the one you like best. Fender does not want this situation. they would prefer that all Teles of a certain style are basically identical.

If they can't do it with they highly controlled purchasing, standardized manufacture processes and R&D departments populated with some of the best people around, it's no surprise that I find it difficult to do, buying small runs of wood, and making guitars one at a time from what woods I have been able to acquire.

It seems that for the small builder, the task is to avoid mistakes that result in weird resonances, not craft the very best advantages. Eliminating weird resonances and "dead" guitars is difficult enough.
I was thinking on a guitar by guitar basis, but yeah, I just think if you use basically the same kind of stuff to build some guitars, they are going to have roughly the same kind of sound, roughly the same kind of characteristics.