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The article can be understood exactly in the direct way as it is written, hardly any room for misinterpretation .
And yet.. you still choose to focus on something which doesn't apply in a correctly treated room.. instead of the most important thing he said:

"The ideal speaker placement depends on the design of the speaker, the dimensions of the listening room, the efficacy of any acoustic treatment, and the location of the listening position within the room. In most cases, though, the positioning of loudspeakers inherently involves some level of compromise in the overall performance. Sometimes, placing speakers directly against the back wall does indeed provide the best balance"

All it takes is one of those factors.. the acoustic treatment of the room.. to make any argument about degraded stereo field incorrect. As I said, the correct solution to many things in the world of acoustics depends on specific circumstances. You can't just ignore the circumstances and blindly follow something you read online then expect it will apply to your room.