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imo stuart got a point or two:

i'm mixing quite a few things in 5.1 (and very few things in 7.1.4) these days: when setting up speakers in one of my studios or for temporary installations (where some of my mixes get played) and when evaluating options purely in terms of listening, i almost always seem to prefer wider angles for front speakers, certainly for any format above 2.0 or 2.1 - not sure whether it's got to do with my use of coax speakers...

...and in the lede cr i've spent the most time working (for 25+ years), i've setteled for smaller angles than 30° with its large 2.0 system a long time ago (after working for a couple of years with speakers at 30°).

so: two of my five control rooms do not use speakers set up in an equilateral triangle; no science behind it but taste/personal preference (in those rooms).
also: if you get to work in a multitude of studios, you get to experience nearfields being positioned on the meterbridhe in all sorts of ways, forming vastly different triangles: some sound ok, some weird, some exhibt width one would think is not possible from their physical position.


for the majority of folks around here on gs, running diy studios not using specifically shaped walls but working in rectangular rooms, i recommend moving speakers/compare different speakers in different positions - could be they get happy (and achieve better results) with a setup different from the equilateral triangle/30° starting point!


p.s. the soundstage one can create by using immersive formats both in the studio and in live sound is far beyond what can be achieved with more traditional surround setups (for obvious reasons) - interestingly enough, live rigs do not need to consider angles much and main hangs usually just get spaced across the width of the stage (so we're talking about narrow angles and large overlaps) yet achieve estonishing results regarding localisation for a large part of the audience/over a very wide area and hence appeal to a lot of people (while setting speakers up in a studio with very narrow angles did not work at all and the soundstage/width pretty much collapsed...)

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