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The CM4 in NOS with the CM3 spaced were the main microphones (CM3 230cm to the left and 230cm to the right).

The choirmusic was with orchestra, no Line Audio's as choir-spots (due to the acoustics of the church), but super-cardioïds. The choral music: Bach with really small orchestra, Rheinberger a bit more players, Mendelssohn with full orchestra before the break. Then the Brahms-Schönberg after the break.

With this in mind it can still be interesting to hear the results of the cm4 and cm3, no spots mixed, like in the sample of Brahms-Schönberg.

thx - i mixed up things/wasn't clear that you were referring to the pics you posted: i though you were talking about using them as 'spots' at 8m (and hence was wondering not only about their distance but even more about the distance of mains then...)

regarding genre/compositions, i tend NOT to think of my gear as being suited specifically, not even any technique - (as previously mentioned elsewhere) all of my gear is 100% genre agnostic...

[in fact, i'm in the (looong) process of recording all of gesualso's libri with a somewhat experimental vocal consort and we're relying heavily on the use of closely positioned modern ldc's, of course in addition to mains (and ambis)!]