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Ok, I hear the following.
1. The 'slow' 'high' melody pad-like sound is smooth so it is probably a triangle waveform of course it's filtered and it sounds like the filter is opened more on the 2rd quarter of the complete melody and returns to a more closed filter on the last quarter. This give a bit of impression that the 2nd and 3rd quarter is played an octave higher (which isn't the case). It could be a lopass but to me it sounds more like a bandpass. It does have a slightly vibrato on it. You might find a useful sound when you search your Synth/VSTi for choir presets and tweak that to your liking. Don't forget to put a long reverb on it and a bit of chorus might help too.

2 Now the harder part I don't know if I get some kind of auditory hallucination from listening this loop for the last 20 min. so I could be wrong :D
There is a kind of dreamy bell sound kind of epiano or musicbox

3 This musicbox sound is combined with chords and a bit of melody of a guitar (at least I hear a guitar cause of the way the chords and melody is played. Well I'm not a guitarist but it reminds me of a typical way a guitar sounds on some jazzy songs. If you listen to only the right side you can hear this more clearly. It seem to be also filtered.

well could also be a harp as entioned before