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Old 19th August 2019
Yes I'm all in favour of using inspiring sounds to start off a new song. What myself and others suggested was an "antidote" to what led you to post here: not knowing where to go with your music despite having professional equipment. Great sounds can be seductive and misleading as well as inspirational. So by starting from a "pure" song you'd be turning your usual workflow on its head. Then, having experimented with coming from the other side, you can make a decision on which procedure gets the best results.

At least this "antidote' principle works for me when I'm addressing issues: for example if my singing is too loud and full-on, I will practice nothing but delicate Sam Smith or Jamie Woon songs for a few weeks and then go back to rock songs and see whether there are now new intricacies I can bring to them.

Noodling around on an instrument is great but at some point it's no longer enough and you need to establish a set of parameters and limitations(also called "begin with the end in mind") to make the next step up. It sounded like making that step was your goal.

If I'm not starting from a title or vocal melody, then my workflow would be:

1. Decide on the genre(often determined by the artist/co-writer I work with)
2. Put together a playlist on Spotify with the best music in that genre
3. Call up the sounds and plugins I'll need for this type of music
4. THEN start noodling around and let the sounds take me places

Works for me...