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Old 19th August 2019
Here for the gear

Mixing - Evolving, being stuck in a rut, the Internet

How did you get out of being stuck with some aspects of mixing?

Did you just take it slow, let time pass and see if you'd figure it out? Did you buy new gear? Did you watch tutorials on YouTube?

How do you feel about all of the information on the Internet vs just doing your own thing at your own pace? There's lots of info on the Internet obviously and everyone shows you their way of doing one same thing, but there's so many buzzwords and product advertisements in disguise (like plugins, DAWs, gear) I question whether the Internet is a good place to learn. Sure there's great, useful information somewhere but there's just too much useless stuff to filter out first.

I think I'm okay at mixing considering I have cheap gear, no room treatment, and no formation. Mixing and all the technical details aren't really my passion but I do get a rush out of it when everything glues together and helps my song deliever better emotions. I'm not sure if I'm stuck or maybe even overwhelmed.