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(...) I will try to do is as J. and J. Bartetts are saying:

This method is fairly simple and provides good sound. Put a stereo
mic or mic pair at the front-of-house (FOH) PA mixer position. Plug
the mic connectors into mic inputs 1 and 2 of a 4-track recorder–
mixer (or any size recorder–mixer). Connect the PA mixer’s tape out-
puts or 2-track outputs to line inputs 3 and 4 ( Figure 17.3 ). Mix the
recording to stereo back in the studio.
The FOH mics pick up the band as the audience hears it: lots of
room reverb, lots of bass, but rather muddy or distant. The PA
mixer output sounds tight and clear, but typically is thin in the bass.
Luckily, a mix of all four tracks can sound surprisingly good. Tracks 1
and 2 provide ambience and bass; tracks 3 and 4 provide defi nition
and clarity.
When you mix the four tracks, you might hear an echo because the
FOH mics pick up the band with a delay (caused by the sound travel
time from stage to mics). To remove the echo, import all the tracks
into digital recording software, and delay the PA mixer tracks by slid-
ing them a little to the right. Align the waveforms of the mic tracks
and mixer tracks at big peaks."

Maby the only solution, and then the question, where to put the mics. Just before the left speaker (3-4 meters or so?) one and the same from the other side won't have a lot of sense since this is not the best sounding place and will need a lot of EQ in the post? (...)
the good thing about this situation would be that you are not responsible for less than perfect results as you are simply capturing what's going on (and you'd still have four more tracks in case you'd want go take any direct outputs from the desk such as the singers or get two stereo subgroups or whatver...)
position the stereo mic system at foh (as suggested in the article); i'm mostly using an ortf to do this which helps counterbalancing the desk mix which tends to be mono-ish (often for good reason though but that's another topic).

good luck and keep us posted on the results!