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Old 19th August 2019
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I've been regularly uploading music content to Pond5 for a few years, with a more concentrated focus the last two years to build my catalog and sales there. I admit my sales aren't impressive and nowhere close to making a living, but I was happy with the upward trend:

2019 (through Aug 19): $911
2018: 1358
2017: 183
2016: 124
2015: 63

I have been regularly uploading, and writing with more of a focus on the types of tracks that seem to sell there. I also did some Facebook ads mostly as an experiment to see if I could affect my views and sales there. The ads did seem to help, but I'd say not enough data to be conclusive.

The announcement of going from a 50/50 split for license fees to 65/35 in Pond5's favor has me reconsidering being a contributor there at all. Over the last few years, I have also built my catalog with other small libraries that have a focus primarily on TV. Maybe focusing my energy on serving them would be more effective. I'm not sure yet, but the 65/35 split is enough that I will be exploring different options regarding the RF market. I'm strongly leading toward pulling all my content from Pond5, and I won't be submitting any new material while I contemplate how to move forward.

For what it's worth, the contributor forum at Pond5 is blowing up with some very upset music contributors.