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True that!

And short of being CNC, 50's Pauls were simply built to factory specs as they are now. Nobody was ringing out bodies and necks at the Gibson plant in 1959. I'm very suspicious of the value of doing that with solid body guitars anyway. I recall DeTemple's ads regarding his Strat and Tele clones. I've played em. Strat and Tele clones are what they are. Some of the best, indeed, but not magical.

Sure, high-end arch top building is another animal altogether. More closely related to violin building than solid body guitar building.
To some exent. I've built quite a few solid body guitars, as well. Many of the same principles apply. You can't just throw a maple slab on top of something & think its going to sound good. Maple is a dense wood & can create a bright tone. Not the ideal guitar top, if attention isn't paid. it's all balance, with careful consideration.