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Yes; when my keyboard stands got full, I expanded onto the walls. Haven't found the ideal setup yet but this certainly helps.

Building the shelf/rack is more difficult than it looks ... in this case the supporting bracket were left over from something or someone else, so all I had to do was figure out the shelf size (3' wide, 6" deep) and add a front piece to hold them up. In the larger photo attached, you can see I similarly shelved the TR-8 underneath, and wall-mounted a power-strip (one of five). The other gear in the foreground is also shelved, using some metal L-brackets and a piece of plywood.

All this may seem a bit thread-drifty, but anyone putting a backlight in a TX7 these days is going to have several other synths already, so discussing infrastructure must be a fair consequence
That's what i call excellent use of space, and who said the TR08 is a tabletop synth?? And i think it is more ergonomic the way you placed it : play a bassline on the keyboard or JV EP soul vibes , and fiddle with the TR with your left... (just sayin'...)