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That's a definitevely completely different approach than that what I was thinking of. Would never guess to record orchestra acousticaly while this was amplified.

I was actually thinking of recording just a sound from the speakers and mix it with the mixer mix since this should be similar to the sound in which public gets (I mean, that in a small club there are sometimes instruments like drums which don't need much if any amplification so they are appearing in the mixer sum much less than softer instruments which need amplification to compete with drums in the venue)

I don't have that much equipment which you mention it's needed for the best result, so probably this time I will need to stick to minimal approach.
Would it be any way to do it with the way I described above? Or something similar and get an acceptable sound? Never had an opportunity to do this kind of recording so have absolutely no idea...

I can see huge PA behind the string section on your photo, what about the spill from the speakers??? It really need a very careful mic placement, taking a lot of time to prepare...