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So you are saying you have just a 1 bar pattern for the verse, one bar for the chorus etc?

That's a very simplistic and limited way of song structure. And you always have to use the patterns in the same order. Basically what the TR-8s has with the A-H knobs is an 8 bar pattern. 8 bars is not a song. It can be but then it is super basic.
Actually you have 16 x 8 variations.

In Pattern Select mode you can press multiple step keys and then these will play in order - you can skip some out if you like.

This is not a song mode but instead a pattern chaining mode, which is still very useful, the only downside is there is no loop x times for each step/pattern - that would pretty much make it a song mode.

Personally I don't really care for song mode - there's plenty of other features I'd like to see first.