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I am wanting to add another effects unit to my rack, but am concerned about which to get, as I need another that is super simple to use, pretty much preset based and without many parameters to worry about.
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I was almost convinced on the TC M350. Its layout, workflow, ease of use would be absolutely perfect for me. I then listened to a good few demos on Youtube and as James Lehmann mentioned, it was very plain and boring. I was pretty disappointed by this, but nothing stood out as being exciting at all, about it.
So... "simple to use", "preset-based", "few parameters" and "exciting"?

You may struggle to fulfil all those criteria in one unit.

If you want really 'exciting' you need an Eventide Eclipse but that thing gave me conniptions in terms of the dizzying number of parameters and its menu-driven UI.

Is it a multi-FX you want? Or just reverb or just delay? This might help narrow it down.

Another unit I thoughts of was the old Roland DEP-5 - a bit noisy but a nice old-school Roland sound with knobs for all parameters.