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Originally Posted by Soundman2020 ➡️
One things you should NOT be doing, is trying to use EQ to "fix" a room that has no acoustic treatment in it! You can't "fix" most of the acoustic problems in such a room, since most of them are either reflections or resonance problems. First treat, then you can use EQ at the end, when all of the major acoustic issues have been dealt with acoustically.

So yep! Build the bass traps! And the other treatment too...

- Stuart -
Thanks for the advice Stuart. I was hoping to go the easy way out of building the bass traps after building the acoustic panels but I just have to commit to the project and get it done.

Another question I have - is it worth buying a Galaxy Audio Live Sound Monitor (CM130) to help with the acoustic treatment process?

Since this is just a hobby for me, I don't want to spend a lot of time and money to get it "perfect". I just want to take some steps to make some improvements. I guess I'm asking for the best bang for the buck or where the principle of diminishing returns kicks in for most hobby home studios.