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I don’t get your point. Was it better in the good ol’ past ? We still have good stocks of music grade wood nowadays, just ask to a real luthier (though I’m not, I personally own a huge stock of wood drying for several decades). And you can’t compare a factory making 10.000 guitars a month and a real ‘boutique’ maker who lovingly builds 10 guitars a year. I’m sure any good modern guitar surpasses a 300k burst in terms of craftsmanship. They just won’t get that mythical or mystical aura the burst have today for complex and not only musical reasons.
I don't get yours. Of course one offs are still possible but this thread is about mass production guitars, even if "mass" was at one time limited to a few thousand a year. Most importantly questions like "Was it better in the good ol’ past ?" not only miss the point they demonstrate the exact kind of BiPolar thinking that obscures reality and our perceptions of it. It just isn't that simple to ask "better in the past". Not only is it so that some stuff was and some stuff wasn't (tradeoffs, right?) but "as someone else has already pointed out "better" is a subjective value judgment. It really objectively translates into just "different".

My main point was just like in so many stupid, click bait YouTube videos shouting "Best EVER!..." many people, usually young people assume nothing of any real value was made before they were born compared to after and many others, usually old people, assume nothing good was made after they hit 30 or so. It's just stinkin' thinkin'. The world of people doesn't work like that. Things aren't good or better just because they are old or new. They are good (or not) based on how they function and especially for YOU. where "you" is every individual since "better" is subjective..