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i'm mixing/recording similar concerts quite frequently - i suggest using directional mics very close (and mostly forget about any 'mains'; a pair at foh gets you kinda ambient sound mixed with direct sound from the pa) but also multracking - depending on the size of the orchestra/ensemble, 8 tracks however will get you nowhere...

have a chat with the foh engineer: maybe you can decide/agree on a few important mics which can help to bump up the foh mix and get you reasonable signals as well. if s/he turns out to be less cooperative, you still might add a few mics on your own (singer, section mics or mics on string quartett, piano, harp, whatever). maybe you'll want to use a split so you can get the levels you like (which can be vastly different from what the foh engineer will use) or just put a ambis on each side of the stage (i suggest shotguns)...

if you could provide a few more details (orchestra setup, available mics, the foh engineer's take on things, mixing desk/stagebox), i could expand on my approach.