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Hi Ben,

Is it possible it is because you work mostly in southern California where the air is always dry and the condensation is not an issue?

Where I am in New York, I run into problems in the summer if I take my Schoeps from hot humid outside into an ACed concert hall for the first couple of minutes until they establish some equilibrium. I don't' work outdoors so wind is never an issue for me.


I think we're talking two different issues. Condensation is a problem for any microphone. Not just schoeps. When I work outdoors, they will always have time to acclimate to the temperature. We quite definitely get lots of humidity at varying times of the year. One of my outdoor gigs I do every year is in the beginning of June- the so-called June gloom in Southern California. We get clouds and often almost a mist in the mornings. It isn't a regular occurrence, but we do get some rain as well in that season. It warms and dries up as the day progresses until the dew sets in the evening.

It isn't like the east coast with 90+ degree days with 90+ percent humidity, but we do have our own moisture issues to deal with.