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The perfect guitar is taking the wood you have & knowing exactly what to do with it. The problem is that the Les Paul is on a blueprint as having certain dimensions. Those dimensions are cut by a CNC machine, finish sanded & painted. No thought goes into whether a little more material should be taken out of the body, or neck, to get it to ring out properly. In classic archtop building, you learn this. Graduation the plates, getting the recurve just right(For the desired effect) & building the neck with the intention of complimenting that piece. Modern production guitars, for the most part, are a waste of resources. Sure, you may get one in 50 thats amazing(thats just a really rough guess). But, no real effort goes into perfecting anything but the look of the guitar. Having been a luthier for a number of years, people know much more about how they want the guitar to look, than how to get it to sound the way they want... That's why marketing & production is this way.