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but since you asked: I would put anything these guys build up against an original burst: given my choice of pickups

I also prefer them to the custom shop Gibsons
Those are the guys who built the original Bursts. The guy who painted the original Goldtops repaired a ding in a 50's Goldtop I had. Charged me 100 or 150 bucks, can't recall. Repair was invisible.

The good ones are as good as any golden age Gibson, minus the old materials that are no longer available. They have had some spotty problems with quality control. Maybe they cleared that stuff up now; I haven't talked to them since the mid 90's.

IMHO, the new H150 will stand head to head with any Les Paul made after 1960, and beats the crap out of most. There are those old growth woods that are no longer readily available. But I'm sure the 150 sounds as good as a lot of Bursts. Heck, I've got a 90's LP Classic Premium Plus that I'm sure sounds as good or better than some Bursts.

Regarding the old wood, it must be remembered that there are old growth woods available. They pull them out of rivers and such. Nothing else on an old Les Paul is unachievable, not even the PAF pickups, as many clones are available that rival or surpass old PAFs. And certainly, the level of artisanship in the construction of a solid body guitar is achievable today.