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Quick, easy, fun, and creative despite its limitations
ok. changing samples per step seems quite different. wonder how that works out
with just 60 secs sampling time (around 4mb ?) - and why they didn't make it more. initially i thought this just had factory samples.

i quite like the idea of the Launchpad style interface - i'm perplexed why they don't just make a Launchpad that runs standalone without computer, with an SD slot and usb loading like an mpc1000. i think something like that would sell well.
you could do all sorts of things with a grid of buttons like that in terms of programming and inserting data. a kind of minimalist interface with deep functionality once you got the hang of it. midi i/o, give a couple of aux outputs...
slimline, lightweight, 40x40cm, 16x16 buttons, that kind of thing.