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Advice for recording a live classical concert with PA

How would you record it?

Concert of a film music - orchestra and singers, big hall, probably not that good acoustics. Would know what to do if it was just acousticaly, but it will be reinforced.

Will try to get to the guys from the PA and ask to get a signal from the mixer but will have only 8 channels so probably not enough to cover everything and maby they will say "Sorry, no"...

Another idea from the book of Bartlett's Practical Recording Techniques says to put two mics at front of FOH and mix it with just a stereo output from the mixer. In this case probably will get to much public noise which in this kind of music can be destructive since the mics will be far back in the hall.

Do you have another tip? How to set up mics to record good sound only from the stereo pair? Is that possible?

Many thanks!

Edit: Looks like this concert will take a place outside...

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