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Old 18th August 2019
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You have the cymbals turned all the way up in Super Drummer 3's instrument view?

Sorry for the late reply, been out of state. But yes, in the instrument view, I click on the cymbal. Then on the right side, you have a horizontal slider. That slider is raised almost all the way on all the cymbals. The slider for every drum is sitting at unity, which is where they are by default when you load the samples. I raised the cymbal sliders until they sounded balanced against the drums.

From there, I went to the mixing view. Took all my faders to zero and started by raising my overheads. Brought them up to around -12dB. Then started adding in the drums. It sounds balanced, but very quickly the cymbals get buried under the drums. Especially once the instruments are added into the whole mix, then they really go away.

I figure the other tracks need some EQ to pull out some room for the high end, but even before the other instruments come in the drum mix is always either cymbals too quiet, or I turn the drums down, and the cymbals are too loud. I didn't have this problem with EZDrummer or Steven Slate Drums so I'm not really sure how to fix it.