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No evidence whatsoever that singing styles/trends are impacted by anxiety or depression treatments. Sure, certain drugs can alter perception. It does not logically follow from this fact that modern singing styles are causally determined by prescribed medication. U could use the same logic to describe any trend in society and then blame it on medication.
Drugs alter mood. Singing expresses mood. It's not a leap.

You can accurately hear expressions of particular drugs on many albums. For example, despite the band's pretty squeaky public image and oft-stated anti-drug stance, I long had a suspicion that Simple Minds' Sparkle In The Rain album was made while they were bouncing off the walls on coke. Zero proof but damn if it ain't obvious in the playing and singing. I just read a response from Steve Lilywhite the other day when asked about that record. His response? Direct quote: "That was a cocaine album".

This thread is about a bizarre vocal trend. It's not OT to suggest likely social factors contributing to it. Modern pop singers sing similar to how street heroin addicts talk. Given the incredible proliferation of prescription medication I don't think that's an accident. It's almost certain that consumption of Xanax and Oxy are huge contributors.