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No, I’m not, that’s down to the moderators. And I hope all of this will be deleted alongside the original sexist comment.

Pointing out a political act is indeed political, I guess. Your comment is as political as mine under your own lens, so you’re undermining your own point.

They are ideological terms describing an ideology, which was clearly stated by the other poster.

He wasn’t hiding it at all. I mean, are you saying he wasn’t being ideological when he said “garbage music” exists because women are depressed?

So yeah, a comment referring to a comment “dripping with political ideology” by definition has to be political and ideological, even if it were completely descriptive and non-judgemental. I’m not going to play semantic games, I’m criticising a gratuitously sexist comment because it’s gross and because I think that’s the correct thing to do. It’s now down to the moderators to do their job.
Ummm no. Not even close. Telling someone to simply refrain from politics is not the same as getting on an ideological high horse and accusing someone of providing a ‘dog whistle’ for the ‘alt right.’ That’s a political accusation and it doesn’t belong here. Your conduct and language makes ur political leanings obvious. That’s also political. I may agree or disagree with ur politics. It’s irrelevent. U have no idea what my political persuasion is from this thread because nothing I said reveals it. That’s what is different from what I’m saying and what u are saying. Keep politics out of Gearslutz is my point. I’m equally unkind to the person who u are arguing with.