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Here for the gear

Vocal echos problems

Hi Ethan - Audiophile room

I’ve put thick (4inch) 24 by 48 (gik ) panels at first reflection points.

Ceiling front wall cadi-cornered each side monster traps with a FRI range limiters - and now as Ethan recommends - (2) 244 full range on ceiling halfway between me and both speakers ( speakers slightly angled but as their 24 by 48 should be doing coverage?

Still getting strong vocal harsh reverberated sound on operatic female high Note voices. I can’t understand this. 24 by 14 room- speakers 4 feet from front wall- I’m 11 feet from speakers. 10 feet or more room behind my listening seat.

I haven’t even bothered yet putting up alpha 5 absorption/diffusion on wall 11 feet behind me!!!!
Help needed!!

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