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I strongly defended u against political accusations but ur theory still makes exactly zero sense. No evidence whatsoever that singing styles/trends are impacted by anxiety or depression treatments. Sure, certain drugs can alter perception. It does not logically follow from this fact that modern singing styles are causally determined by prescribed medication. U could use the same logic to describe any trend in society and then blame it on medication.
But, you don't need to defend me from anything, there's nothing to defend me from, thank you for your good intentions, though.

I'm not an Engineer to provide measurements on how taking this exact drug distorts your hearing in this manner in a way you perceive this and that sound in a pleasurable way, but there's an obvious link between the "depressed" songs that gain more and more popularity directly proportional to the larger and larger young American audience that are on some form of mental medication or/and various other chemicals that affects brain activity. Stats don't lie.