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He wasn’t hiding it at all. I mean, are you saying he wasn’t being ideological when he said “garbage music” exists because women are depressed?
Look, you picked the wrong guy to fight against. I'm not your enemy, I'm nobody's enemy, and I wish the best to everyone, including the "depressed" women.

As stated in the previous comment, drugs do affect your brain activity, hence your hearing sense as well, and if you have a large enough crowd that it's on some form of prescribed psychiatric medication, plus the illegal/legal drugs, then, as a producer willing to make a quick buck, you come with a product that suits their perception of music. Songs as above are such examples, and sorry, to my ears, most of them are garbage(yes, I do think that B. Eilish song is not that bad actually, I don't like it-like it, but I do see and appreciate it's artistic value for what it is).

All good.