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Originally Posted by Moondog007 View Post
But u are not the arbiter of what counts as racism or sexism.
No, I’m not, that’s down to the moderators. And I hope all of this will be deleted alongside the original sexist comment.

Originally Posted by Moondog007 View Post
Even if u were, ‘pointing it out’ in the manner u did was an overtly political act and against forum rules.
Pointing out a political act is indeed political, I guess. Your comment is as political as mine under your own lens, so you’re undermining your own point.

Originally Posted by Moondog007 View Post
That is obvious to others here as well. Accusations of ‘alt right’ ‘sexism’ and ‘dog whistles’ are terms dripping with political ideology.
They are ideological terms describing an ideology, which was clearly stated by the other poster.

He wasn’t hiding it at all. I mean, are you saying he wasn’t being ideological when he said “garbage music” exists because women are depressed?

So yeah, a comment referring to a comment “dripping with political ideology” by definition has to be political and ideological, even if it were completely descriptive and non-judgemental. I’m not going to play semantic games, I’m criticising a gratuitously sexist comment because it’s gross and because I think that’s the correct thing to do. It’s now down to the moderators to do their job.