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I have a song on the radio and the vocal was recorded with a potatoe in the singers awful apartment with no good sound, I had to work with what I have and I still made it sound great, then the label brought in a top mixing guy to help, so no it's not the gear, I used a few samples, nexus vst, played a bit of guitar and programmed addictive keys. It's not the gear my friend, you'd need to work as hard as me, I kill for every chance i get to keep my project going. lots of highs and lows, it's just life. Get good or gtfo. I could make something great with a vst synth and a few samples.

Oh and I'm a father, I have a full life and they're counting on me to eat and pay for their activities, sometimes you succeed more when your backs against the wall, and you have a real purpose. I cant let my family down and I wont. My next pub deal will be 7 figures, and I worked really hard to get there, it wasnt an overnight success I can tell you that.
what's it called?