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Spouting expressions like "white knight", "politically correct" and stupid sexist crap might be OK on other parts of the internet, but f*ck if I'm going to be OK with that on a sound engineering forum like this one. Go back to incelchan or something.
I'm not ok with junk like this either, but giving an explanation on why certain vocal/sound trend exists triggers some people that are very quick in harassing the messenger by adding politics and female rights into discussion. Your behaviour is similar and you're no better than the other harassers.

When almost half of the female population in US under 30 is on some kind of psychiatric medication or indulging on opioids and other hullucinogenic substances it will obviously influence the music industry on profound levels. In my opinion this is the reason why such songs exist and do so well:

It doesn't mean I'm 100% right, but if we wish to explain certain trends we need to take a look at the bigger picture, and be aware of the social aspects as well. This is what I did. Do you see how constructive criticism works? I hope you do now.