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Originally Posted by John Eppstein View Post
You are wrong.

You can call whatever you want, it's your right. You're still wrong.

Show me ONE!
well, I strongly disagree with you. you may believe you are "right", but in fact, all you have is your opinion. which I respect, but still disagree with

if you don't think there is ONE new guitar out there, that is as good or better than an old '59 burst, you have already drunk the Kool-Aid, and no amount of convincing could change your mind. I know lots of guitar collectors like yourself

In fact, anyone who owns a real burst woukd be crazy to admit otherwise: they would be devaluing their investment

but since you asked: I would put anything these guys build up against an original burst: given my choice of pickups

I also prefer them to the custom shop Gibsons

I await your rant