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Funny stuff... Always strange vocal fashions coming and going. People mentioned lots of good ones here. Everyone wanted to sound like Eddie Vedder for a while there with a closed mouth. Now the Drake vocal sound is everywhere in pop which I hate. Many artists influenced by Reggae sung like English was a second language when it wasn’t. Message in a bottle by Sting is a good example. Sounds quasi Jamaican. Then there is the trend of English bands sounding very Northern in their accents while singing. Blur/arctic monkeys etc. Always strange that English northern bands from decades past never sung like this for example The Beatles. Blink 182ish vocals were all the rage with a super emphasised USA accent as well. Then there are the amazing singers like Jeff Buckley, Aretha Franklin, Paul McCartney, Ceelo Green, Freddie etc that sound amazing and unique in every decade without resorting to vocal tricks. I think the great voices of Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande are examples of great modern voices.