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If you MPC dudes would so kindly indulge this question...

Just got a 3000 and trying to wrap my head around some good ways to learn it while incorporating in a tape - daw - tracking/mixing place.
I know there's no ez pass here but, Also cool to hear any tips / insights etc.

Wondering about approaching what folks love about the 3k but in a modern way.
...Utilizing the feel/sequencer, the inputs pushed for some things, the workflow that can be maybe limiting but, inspiring at times & less mucking around in the daw etc.

Not sure chopping on the 3000 brings any benefits over chopping in daw and flying things into the 3ks inputs?
If sequencing synths, the 3k would be the way to go there.

I guess how far to take something before dumping into daw will always be a track by track call but,
Just curious to hear others thoughts that have been down these roads and maybe sorted what works & doesn’t for anyone still committed to these sweet older gems.
You should ALREADY have something you want to do with it if you went through the trouble of getting one.

So, whatever your vision was, that prompted you to buy it...DO THAT.