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Gustavsson guitars are probably greater instruments than any original 59. Even PRS are better made. And there's plenty of great luthiers on the planet today that surpass an original Gibson in terms of musicality and craft. That said, the iconic 59 sound is really hard to find. And few guitars have this aura. The true explanation about their crazy value is essentially because a few were made in 59, and a fewer are still available today.
This is speculation and conjecture and not reality at all.

First off are guitars more precisely made now than before? YES! at least in most cases since consistency has improved dramatically.

However do they have large supplies of large sized old-growth exotic hardwood blanks to use for materials? NO! Even by the 70s it was common to make 3 and 4-piece tops on Les Pauls, Brazilian Rosewood became a No No and shortly after real musical grade ebony became rare af. Drying methods are now orders of magnitude faster than the old school vastly slower methods. These things matter and this is just scratching the surface.

It has already been explained how collectors NOT MUSICIANS made the prices go really crazy but that doesn't mean there aren't many original '59s that are nothing short of a perfect storm, real musical magic.

This kind of thinking that assumes that everything has gotten better and stuff from the past is just hype is what makes people consider that the damned pyramids "musta been made by aliens" cuz so many people can't even wrap their heads around a time when stone was literally everything that mattered most and had been for centuries and "divine right" rulers could afford to pay vast numbers of craftsman for many decades to build their immortality dream.

Bottom Line - Almost everything is a package deal and includes tradeoffs. Few things are so simple as to be all good or all bad and certainly New does not always equal Improved.