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Your prediction proved quite true -- 20 minutes was right. And that included the time it took to put Greg Hawkes "Niagara Falls" into the CD player, and vacuum out the spiderwebs.

Compared to changing the DX21 backlight --

- it's easier to get the TX7 open, simply because it isn't as large; any table will do
- it's easier to get to (and remove) the LCD display
- no bezel (glass) to remove/reuse

There are some plastic pins that can be a bit tricky to remove -- they have a center part to push in, before they can be squeezed through their metal holes ... but that doesn't really matter; they won't be reused, so they can simply be cut/destroyed. Not that they were so much trouble; I used a very small screwdriver to push the middle pin part, then squeezed them through with needle-nose pliers. The main issue really is that the plastic tends to get less flexible after 30 years, so it's a bit stiff to work with.

Really, the only part requiring any skill is aligning the display, which is simply a matter of checking how it looks powered on, then adjusting as necessary.


Photos attached, illustrating how dirty it was (even *after* vacuuming), some rust, and of course the displays themselves. Pleasant surprise: battery clip already installed! So I won't have to do that.

New display looks so good, I may get a couple more TX7's and do them as well. What great, thick sounds that would be!

Wow, JPogo, where did that rust come from at those output nuts???

Anyway, i love the way you aligned the display with just 2 screws with nuts. It is much more resourceful, quite smarter than using the standard metal brackets with the stock pins that i used. Shows some engineering skill ... Kudos , man!! i like it.
BTW, did you solder the white connector to the new display, or did you buy it like this?