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Really, it's just a matter of liking the sound. Sometimes that's a matter of ear-education, and sometimes it's a matter of awareness. Sometimes it's a matter of ability: I have a fully-weighted digital piano, but the fact is that my piano ability is terrible, so I sound better on the rompler's piano. But I practice on the weighted one.

Sometimes, I just like something: the D-50, the Korg CX-3, the MS-20 Mini. I bought a DX7 even though I didn't like it much; it just has a certain quality. Then I bought an analog string synth, not just for *that sound* (although that was part of it), but also for how it shaped that sound.

I sympathize with the "analog only" crowd; the music that started me buying synths is all pre-digital. But buying that stuff today is simply not practical, so I'm glad to see digital emulations today. But if Behringer gets affordable analogs on the market, I'm glad for that too