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you've got 6 k5000?????????, 2 blofelds, 2 ions and 2 microns??
It’s a bit embarrassing but yes. It’s amazing how people will sell stuff for silly money on eBay just to fuel their next purchase. I got each of the k5000w’s for 300 Australian each or less (about 240 us). A lot of people go with the s version for the knobs but the workstations have more rom sounds and the knobs are easily provided by lemur on an iPad.

Every synth has a trough where their value is it’s lowest because it is no longer the flavour of the month. I bought most of my stuff when it had troughed. I really regret not getting an oberheim matrix 1000 when they were like 300.

I’m about to retire so I’ve been collecting these for almost 20 years with the simple rule of never sell. I also looked at selling a bunch of stuff to fund a Solaris but followed gearslutz advice to hold on to it.

Been composing some tunes over the past few months and I’m getting ready to start recording. The challenge is time. My day job is pretty demanding. I’m an enterprise architect for the local government here which keeps me really busy.