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Old 17th August 2019
I have plenty of both however it's the old digital synths, romplers, and samplers that are new for me. I didn't used to see the point of having digital stuff when the computer can do it and theoretically sound better while doing it easier. I have eventually discovered that not only do they sound different, but there are tons of free sounds and samples for them. They are also cheap for now... I like the idea of buying a 90s workstation for a few hundred bucks that was thousands new. I bought an 88 key Triton Extreme for $525. That's worth it for the controller alone.

I bought a Yamaha SY99 for $125 because it's LCD is going. It works completely from an editor. Yes Kontakt and FM8 together can provide rompler and FM sounds but the SY99 combines both into one patch. It's also just a completely different character. The samples are small by todays standards but that's cool too. That makes the sampled sounds be more synthetic and less real. I usually like that more than "realistic" sounds because I feel the realistic ones don't actually fool anybody.

That said I'll never pay alot for old digital synths. It's not too far off whats available as plugins. I don't mean hybrids like the ESQ 1 or crazy crunchfests like the SP1200.